Project Management is the management of endeavours in which human, material, and financial resources are organized in a novel way to deliver a unique scope of work, of given specification, within constraints of cost and time to achieve a business purpose defined by quantitative and qualitative objectives.

In the same token, Programme Management is the coordinated management of a portfolio of projects which call upon the same resources.


We work on challenging engagements across a wide portfolio of clients. We work across all major industry groups, with clients in the public and private sectors. The projects may be infrastructural or process-based. They all have in common the delivery of a unique scope of work and the achievement of a business purpose.

Our work has involved engagement in construction, housing, leisure, IT, traffic engineering and management, manufacturing, railways, metro, agriculture, government, finance, commercial, retail etc.

Our approach reflects our ability and capacity to lead, prioritize and manage resources, knowledge and skills in the execution of single or multiple and interrelated projects to deliver qualitative and quantitative objectives that define the business purpose.

We take a holistic view of each enterprise, from strategy to project delivery. Hence we offer much more than just supporting project. management and delivery. Our overall Goal-directed Project Management approach translates into eight defined solutions summarised under three facets:

Strategic Derivation:

Deriving programmes of work from the corporate strategy that deliver the objectives of the enterprise.

Programme Management:

Assuring the delivery of the benefits set out in the programme of work.

Project Management

Assuring the delivery of the scope of work within the constraints of cost quality and time.