We offer a goal directed approach to project management with skills honed primarily in the construction industry and tested in a variety of industries across international boundaries and more recently in the United Kingdom rail industry. These have been applied in Network Rail, the privatized  infrastructure manager of the entire British surface rail network; London Underground, the London metro under public private partnership concessions and Stagecoach Rail, once the leading train operating company with majority holdings in Virgin Rail, East Midland Trains, Southwest Trains, Manchester Metro, Island Trains and others.

Our consultants have been involved in projects across the industry spectrum; in Construction, Railways, Metro,  Housing, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Information Technology, Education, Traffic Engineering and Management and across international boundaries.

Our philosophy is encapsulated in the term “goal directed project management” and our approach is founded on five irreducible principles to wit:

  • Focus on results
  • Work through structured breakdowns
  • Give priority to development work
  • Clear and simple reporting
  • Contract between operations and project management with single point of management responsibility.


Our people are our strength and our consultants are world class professionals carefully selected and nurtured to deliver excellence for customer satisfaction. Our focus is not just about delivering or overcoming the system constraints of cost, quality and time but driven by the customer’s business purpose.

Our understanding of the design and implementation process and our ability to bring relevant technical experience to projects gives us the capacity to deliver cost-effective solutions that meet client requirements on time and within budget.

For many years our consultants have been involved in designing and managing building, industrial
and infrastructure projects across the world, developing the experienced project leaders, skilled support staff and proven control systems that are essential for effective project management.