Project: Decent Homes Programme

Client: London Borough of Hackney

The Project:

The client is committed to delivering the Decent Homes Programme
sponsored by the Office of Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM).  The Arms
Length Management Organisation (ALMO) bid was approved by the
ODPM in July 2005 and the programme of major works leading to
Decent Homes Standard (DHS) is developed in line with the National
Floor Target with the priority of making housing weather proof prior to internal works. The Hackney Standard was developed to supplement the DHS in order to embody landlord’s obligations not covered by the DHS.

The Hackney decent homes investment strategy comprises of 4 main

  • Keeping decent homes decent
  • Phase One – homes requiring single or double element renewal
  • Phase Two – homes requiring multi-element renewal
  • Phase Three – estates requiring a detailed review

Underpinning the strategy is the view that Hackney stock investment
priorities (in an environment where resources are inadequate to meet
stock investment needs) must be directed towards meeting Hackney
basic landlord repairing obligations in respect of envelopes of buildings as a first priority.

Programme of works involves work to the entire borough wide housing stock of about 60,000 units with a budget of £140 million.

Our role:

To review project and programme management process
competencies, develop and implement a programme assurance process leading to a Toolkit for Programme Delivery.